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PLASSON Specialist Electrofusion


Electrofusion Fittings for Your Project Needs

Here at PLASSON, we offer the largest collection of electrofusion fittings on the world market, from our unique range of full-bore electrofusion saddles and couplers for large diameter PE pipe up to 1200mm, to our innovative adjustable elbows, repair saddles and sensor saddles.

Reliable, Durable & High Performance

All PLASSON products combine the latest state-of-the-art high performance pipe joining solutions with innovative designs, simple installation and PLASSON quality and reliability. Our specialist electrofusion solutions are tested and approved for EN12202 for water and EN1555 for gas applications.

Specialist Electrofusion Products

Large Diameter Couplers
With pressure ratings of 6.4 bar, 10 bar and 25 bar and diameters of 450 to 1200mm to fit pipework from SDR7.4 to SDR41.
LD & XL Saddles
Provide cost-effective connections and branches for large diameter PE pipe up to 1200mm with spigot or flanged outlets between 180mm and 400mm.
Installation Tooling
Our saddle pressing and clamping tools are uniquely engineered to make trench installations simple, easy and reliable.
Adjustable Elbows
Solve the issues of misalignment by accommodating elbows up to 12° degrees off-centre in single-sided fittings and up to 24° in double-sided fittings.
Repair Saddles
Simple and efficient way to repair damaged PE pipework, sizes 250mm to 900m with maximum damaged area up to 230mm in diameter.
Sensor Saddles
Easy and reliable solution for providing a through wall connection into PE pipes, both new and existing, for pressure and flow sensor connections.
Flex Restraints
A flexible bar that's fused by electrofusion to create a welded shoulder to restrain the axel movements of PE pipes in various applications.