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Meter connection for multi-dwelling buildings

The PLASSON MCP System facilitates the division of the water mains supply and the installation of water meters for individual properties in multi-dwelling buildings, in line with the guidelines of UK water utility companies and the Water Supply (Water Fittings) regulations.

Combined MCP System solution

The combination of the PLASSON MCP (meter connection point) and PLASSON Multiport Manifold offers a whole new dimension to the M&E contractor/plumber providing a simple and cost-effective solution for a critical, yet often underestimated, part of any building infrastructure.

Built to last, our PLASSON MCP units are constructed from high-grade engineering polypropylene, and our PLASSON Multiport Manifolds are made from PP-RCT. All components comply with UK Water Reg4 through Kiwa KUKreg 4 or WRAS approvals.

Combined with our extensive range of PLASSON fittings and Mains Stop Valve, the PLASSON MCP System provides an unrivalled solution for all stakeholders involved in the domestic and commercial mechanical services sector. 


  • Isolates the incoming
    water mains / boosted water supply
  • Split incoming water supply
    by way of manifold
  • Isolate water supply 
    to individual dwellings
  • Provides connection point 
    for class D water meter (normally supplied by water utility company)
  • Provides backflow prevention 
    with serviceable double check valve (ED suitable for fluid category 3)
  • Provides a drain point
    for individual properties
  • Allow connection 
    to all proprietary plumbing pipework systems


UK Water Reg4 Approved

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PLASSON Multiport Manifold


PLASSON Mains Stop Valve