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About us

As a leading company in its field, one that emerged from the principles of quality and partnership, PLASSON has implemented these values in its day-to-day way of doing business since its establishment. We are proud of our legacy and our success, which we attribute first of all to our employees worldwide, to all our business partners, and to the mutual commitment between PLASSON and the communities where we live.

PLASSON has built a reputation as a manufacturer of high quality products, meeting the strictest standards in its areas of activity. Quality is the key concept in all of PLASSON’S processes, from development and design through production, assembly, packaging, distribution, delivery, and after-sales services.

With over fifty years of experience in product development, we constantly aim to develop added value and stand at the forefront of technology in the development of innovative products and solutions to suit the ever -evolving needs of our customers.

We place great emphasis on providing the best services to our customers. The PLASSON Group facilitates the exchange of the most innovative practices and knowledge across all countries and segments. In all our manufacturing sites and subsidiaries across the world, PLASSON teams strive for operational excellence and efficiency in delivering the best and most efficient service.