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PLASSON Barrier Fittings


Protection from contaminated ground

PLASSON’s extensive range of barrier fittings offer a secure solution to maintaining full system protection for barrier pipe installations. Our barrier fittings have been specially designed to ensure no contact between barrier pipe’s protective aluminium layer and drinking water.

Options to suit your project needs

Made from high-grade polypropylene and designed for quick and easy installation, our PLASSON barrier fittings are available in 25mm, 32mm, and 63mm sizes and come in a variety of configurations, including couplers, adapters, elbows, tees, end plugs and more.

What is barrier pipe?

Barrier pipes are reinforced pipes specifically designed to safely transport drinking water across contaminated land. They offer protection against certain types of contaminants present in soil which could otherwise permeate standard polyethylene (PE) pipes. They are easily identifiable by their brown stripe.

PLASSON Barrier Fittings are specially designed to work seamlessly with these pipes, providing a secure and reliable connection. Our fittings create a watertight seal, preventing contaminants from entering the water supply keeping drinking water safe. 

Compatible with all leading brands...

All PLASSON Barrier Fittings are independently tested and certified to meet BS8588 standards for water pipes in contaminated land for all leading brands of barrier pipe, including:

  • GPS (Protectaline)
  • egeplast (SLA)
  • Radius (Puriton 2)
  • Polypipe (Polyguard)


UK Water Reg4 Approved