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Simple, Compact and Elegant

PLASSON Pushfit provides a more compact and attractive range of tamper proof connections for PE pipe, ideal for tight spaces and where appearance matters. With our push-fit design, connecting pipes is easy. Just insert the pipe up to the fitting stop, and you’ve got an instant seal and grip.

Connections to PE, Copper, PB and PEX

Our Pushfit range provides connectivity for PE pipes to a variety of plumbing materials, including PE, Copper, PB and PEX. Joints are also rated at 16 bar, ensuring robust performance, and are UK Water Reg4 approved.

PLASSON Pushfit Universal 

PLASSON’s Pushfit Universal fitting has a wide tolerance and accommodates connections to pipe of any material such as lead, copper, galvanised iron, imperial PE (Alkathene), PVC, Steel and more.

The Pushfit Universal is designed to provide a secure and reliable connection to any pipe; there are no adaptors and no loose components, just fit and forget. Simply slip the pipe into the fitting up to the stop and tighten the nut firmly with a wrench


  • Aesthetically designed product
    gives a professional finish to the job
  • Assembly tools not required
    simple push fit assembly
  • Compact size
    can be assembled in confined spaces
  • Instant seal and integrity of joint
    captive seal and no nuts to tighten
  • Full end load performance
    no need to restrain joints
  • Transition PE to internal plumbing systems
    Copper, PB and PEX accommodated in one fitting
  • Push fit assembly of Copper, PB and PEX
    similar to PE joint assembly
  • 50-year design life
    provides absolute reliability
  • Tamper resistant design
    ensures system integrity
  • Reduced stock shelf space


Kiwa Approved
WRAS Approved