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Plasson Meter Connect Points

The Plasson Solution For Trouble-Free Water Meter Installation

Water fittings specialist PLASSON UK is now offering a full range of easy-to-install, fit and forget water meter connection points for single and multi-dwelling buildings. The PLASSON mcp range makes connection of water meters straightforward and reliable, no matter how many connections are needed.

Siting a meter in a house or apartment block can present challenges for the installer who needs to incorporate a WRAS-approved stop valve and a drain off that will accommodate standard UK class D concentric meter without an adaptor. At the outlet end, it is vital to ensure the connection is suitable for any pipe material type in situ.

The PLASSON mcp solution provides answers to all of these challenges, ensuring an installation that complies with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations using WRAS-approved products, and guaranteeing a compliant and resilient installation with leak-proof connections that are designed to last.

Multi-occupancy water meter installations pose additional challenges for water meter installation. The simplest installation option is to split the incoming supply into multiple feeds to avoid dead legs that, if left unused, can pose a legionella threat. And where the mains supply is split, after isolation and meter connection, cross contamination of water supplies and siphonage are a risk. The PLASSON 3535/6 mcp is supplied in kit form with all of parts needed to complete a compliant job. It allows connection to a PLASSON multiport manifold but can easily be adapted to other pipe types. A stop valve is also included to turn the flow of water on and off plus a water meter mount with full flow cap. A Double Check Valve prevents back flow and protects the water supply from contamination.

The PLASSON mcp range also includes Multiport Manifolds and a dead leg kit for separating the incoming mains supply into individual supply pipes for isolation and connection, plus a WRAS-approved mains stop valve to isolate the incoming supply and allow for maintenance and repair.

Water companies are rolling out water meter programmes across their regions and a recent report from Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee (EFRA) has stated that all water companies should be allowed to introduce compulsory metering. At the moment only about 50% of UK households have water meters but that number is expected to rise sharply as water becomes an increasingly scarce resource.

As the UK’s market leader and supplier for fittings and accessories for water supply pipes, PLASSON has taken up the challenge of developing a product which would meet the required bylaws and Water Supply Regulations while providing both developers and installation engineers with total confidence that the installation meets and exceeds the current requirements.

PLASSON UK is part of the international PLASSON Group with world-wide manufacturing, R&D and distribution resources for its range of water and gas pipe fittings. PLASSON offers one of the widest ranges of pipe fittings in the world, with sizes ranging from 16mmto 1200mm, pressure ratings of 0 bar to 25 bar, and accepting nearly all existing pipe materials, with a 50 year in-the-ground track record for its products. Innovation is at the heart of what PLASSON does. Responsive to its customers’ needs, PLASSON continuously develops new products and new services into diverse markets. As holders of the relevant BS EN standards together with WRAS certification, PLASSON is the first choice for the majority of UK water utility companies, their appointed contractors and to the construction supply chain.