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C Universal Coupler is Here!

The new 10017C Universal Coupler is Here!

10017C Universal Coupler 22mm CU x Universal


In response to end users demand for a fast, simple and safe connection of water supply pipes to households,
Plasson have extended their already successful 10017 pushfit Universal range to now include a Universal
connection to 22mm copper/PB/PEX.

Available in three universal sizes as before, this new fitting replaces the 25mm MDPE connection by using
the firmly established Plasson pushfit ‘C’ type connection. This ensures any of the three commonly used
domestic 22mm plumbing pipes can be simply pushed through the O-ring and multi-use grip ring, assuring
the installer of compatibility to 22mm pipe. On the Universal side 14mm-18mm, 19-22mm and 24-28mm can
connect to MDPE, Alkathene, Polybutylene, Copper, Lead, Galvanised and PEX whilst the innovative double
O-ring seal even compensates for poor pipe quality.

With a robust Polypropylene body and nut the 10017 range provides total reliability and immense impact
strength together with WRAS approval and a 50 year design life. There is simply no reason to use any other fitting!

Click here for the data sheet.