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Plasson’s extensive range of solutions for connecting PE pipe is found in over 80 countries world-wide. The combination of Plasson’s high quality products & first class customer service make it a world leader in the production of plastic pipe fittings.





Setting the industry standard for more than 4 decades



Plasson's huge range of top quality poultry products offer the professional solutions for every need:

  • Customised for All Types of Poultry from hatching to maturity of Broilers, Breeders, Pullets, Layers, Turkeys and Ducks

  • Suited to Any Kind of Grower whether you are a small-business family farm or a leading integrator

  • Superbly Climate-Responsive  with watering systems that are customised to meet the demands of any climate conditions, with special expertise in excessively hot climates

  • Superior Standards of Equipment that provides fail-safe, low maintenance and long-term reliable performance that is field-proven worldwide

  • Unsurpassed Customer Service is ensured by Plasson's global network of authorised distributors and warehouses providing expert installation, quick response and rapid delivery of original spare parts to any customer, anywhere in the world

The bottom line for you, the grower is:

  • Heavier, healthier birds

  • Improved feed conversions

  • Reduced mortality

  • Fewer condemnations

  • Drier floors

  • Significant labour saving - high overall returns


For further information about the Plasson Poultry range please call 01444 244446

or email